Form G-325A
Form G-325A

G-325A (Biographic Information) Form 2018-2019

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What Is G-325A Form?

No matter what way you choose to move to the US, you will still have to go through time-consuming document preparation process. The USCIS thoroughly examines every case paying close attention to every immigrant. Therefore at some point of your immigration to the United States you will be asked to complete Form G-325a.

It refers to Biographic Information and is generally used by green card applicants. The only exception is the age. People who are under age 14 or over the age 79, don’t have to provide their biographic information. G-325a is also often used by the immigrants who try to get the permanent residency through marriage. In this case the they are asked to complete the document twice.

The main purpose of the document is to provide U.S. government with the individual’s background information. If it evokes suspicion about the person the authorities will give the case a closer inspection and then decide whether an individual deserves to be a permanent U.S. resident.

How to fill out G-325a?

For the most part Form G-325a isn’t complicated. It’s fillable and printable so you can easily download the sample and complete it on your computer in PDF format. Or you can file it online straight on our website following the instructions. In the document you will be asked to answer the questions about the exact dates of particular events from you life. If you can’t remember the dates, enter the approximate date. You may also type in “unknow” but if there are too many such answers, your application will likely be rejected.

It’s important here to be honest and provide data that is consistent with what you’ve already told to the U.S. authorities.

G-325a is only two pages long. It commonly starts with the questions about individual’s name, citizenship nationality, date and place of birth, etc. Most applicants may stumble on the question about file number. This is a number assigned to the individual by the Department of Homeland Security. U.S. citizens by birth don’t have such a number.

Fillable fields in the document are not enumerated instead they are grouped by categories. There is a section about former spouses, applicant’s employment for the last five years or applicant’s residence for the last five years. If there is not enough space to provide the fullest data take additional sheet and attach it to the application. You also need to attach the required petition.

There is no fee so you simply send the completed document to the address where you sent your primary petition.

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