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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing G-325a no longer required

Instructions and Help about G-325a no longer required

Hi everyone it's me Rosie and my daughter baby the nearest okay on this video I just want to make clear okay because I already have a video updating the requirements of the k1 fiancee visa and adjustment of status but maybe they did not watch or see my video that's why they keep on asking me about the GG 3 to 5 a ok so everyone on k1 fiancee visa on CR 1 ir-1 and adjustment of status the GE 3 to 5 a is no longer a requirement okay so don't include G 3 to 5 a don't waste your time to fill out and to to get worried how to fill out the G 3 to 5 a ok because that is not a requirement anymore I will put the link of the updated requirements for k1 zr1 ir-1 and adjustment of status so have a great day everyone bye bye.


How do I unsubscribe from Quora emails?
From our Help Center article, How do I unsubscribe from Quora emails?:If you want to unsubscribe from various Quora e-mails, you can do so by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe• link located at the bottom of the email.In general, to control what types of e-mails you receive from Quora, including our Digest emails, go to your Settings page, navigate to "Email & Notifications" in the left-side navigation menu (or http://www.quora.com/settings/notifications), and toggle your settings from there.For more information about Quora’s features and frequently asked questions, check out our Help Center.
How do I tell my friend we can't be friends anymore?
It happened to me so many times that i got so fucked up with the people i befriended with and that made me part my ways with those guys. In the early time, whenever i ended up with someone, i used to do it with deliberately intimating them, but as i grew up i learned it that beside being realistic and straight forward you have to have the tendency to be gentle and diplomatic. without discussing here the reason for leaving your friend. Just start it by distancing yourself from their company, if you regularly have sittings, meetings and chatting with them, start getting absent from their surroundings, find excuses to make with them for not coming, gradually both you and person you want to part ways, will become use to it and hey! you will still have an option in future to become close once again when you need them for your interest(pardon me if you find it selfish but sadly it is the world) and if in case they need you then just help them for humanity and as an act of kindness. Here i again want to make it clear that distancing yourself from toxic relations is not selfishness nor vanity, is just for your own good sake.God bless you!
When people who were born in countries that no longer exist such as the USSR fill out paperwork, how do they identify their birthplace?
They fill in with exactly what is indicated in the passport, ID card or official document.The original birthplace name doesn’t change for official purposes even if it’s different now.For instance, an ex-schoolmate of mine was born in 1962 in “Ljubljana, Yugoslavia” and this is required to be put on official forms • even though Ljubljana is in the nation of Slovenia since 1992.Similarly, two friends of mine were born in the former “USSR” • one in “Leningrad, USSR” and another “Moscow, USSR.” That is what they’re required to fill in with, despite the USSR being superseded by “Russia” since 1991.One relative of mine was born in the “Federation of Malaya” (1948–63), which of course is now Malaysia. That’s what’s on her birth certificate and passport, and that’s what she has to declare on official forms.
Swimming pool no longer wanted how do I fill it in to make it a patio?
How about converting it into a sunken patio, so you don’t have to worry about filling it? You can google various designs for inspirations and you can call for professional patio builder to help you carry out the design. Good luck with the project!
What are ways to find out if you owe child support?
Run your credit. If you are far behind it might show up in your credit report.Look on the child support disbursement website for your state.Look in the county where the divorce was handled. Order a certified copy of the court order and have an attorney read it to you if you don’t understand it.If you are entitled to an income tax refund and you owe past due child support then your refund will go directly to the other parent.If you cannot renew your US passport, it’s probably because you are past due in child support.If you cannot renew your driver’s license, it’s probably because you are past due in child support.
What jobs are soon to be no longer required?
Warning - this answer is little dreamier than what was probably asked. I very strongly believe that we'd be able to automate most of the jobs in a not-so-distant future. Here are examples of some jobs which would be no longer required (at least in some parts of the world) in a period of fifty years:Taxi/Truck Drivers - Google's self driving cars are so going to kill this segment.Factory Workers - As we make progress with mass 3D printing and robotics, we'd be able to eliminate most of the jobs in manufacturing sector as well. Retail Sales - With services like Amazon Drone, much of the retail sector (including grocery retail sector) would also get on internet. Whatever can't be fully automated in the short run due to lack of technology would be consumed by heavily automated mega physical stores of large retail corporations. As sales would get automated, production and distribution system would also become incrementally much more efficient and would kill many jobs.Note that the these three points alone are talking about automating most of the manufacturing, transportation and sales. Let's also talk about services:Doctors (for the diagnosis part of the health care) - A doctor follows a fixed procedure while preparing diagnosis. He takes some physical symptoms, some history, gets some tests done and based on all this, his knowledge (obtained from med school) and his experience comes up with a diagnosis. This part can be automated to a large degree. In fact a pool of 'experience' consisting of all medical issues ever of all the humans could produce a diagnosis system better than most doctors. I don't see a reason why we won't be able to build such a system in fifty years.Teachers - Before you go all impatient, hear me out first. The most 'human'  aspect of teaching is answering questions of the students. A machine can't understand the subject and answer a complicated question, you say. But those complicated questions are asked year after year in all the millions of the classrooms of the whole world. If we could pool this knowledge, we'd be able to develop a system that could answer student questions precisely based on the past data. Even if student asks a fresh question, we could fall back to real teachers (online of course) but since this would happen for under, say 0.1% questions, we would only require 0.1% of current teaching jobs.Book Publishers -  The cost of publishing and distributing a physical book is too high. That's one of the reasons why conventionally, authors published ten 300 page books instead of three hundred articles each with ten pages. Now when we have internet, we'd just have large platforms for sharing knowledge where people would write content shorter than a book (Quora is one of the many ways of envisioning that platform). While the authors might still have business, publishing and distributing would be automated & centralized.Bank Cashiers- With more advancements in automated banking solutions, there'd be no jobs for people dealing with physical currency in physical bank offices.Foreign Currency Agents - As electronic money penetrates deeper even within developing countries, we'd just never need to exchange currency before going on a trip. I personally believe (rather hope) that we'd be able to get rid of physical currencies completely in the near future.These are just some of the different types of jobs from the top of my head which won't be required in the future. Like I said in the beginning, I truly believe that we'd be able to automate enough that a heavy majority of our whole population (up to 90%) would be out of job. That's not necessarily a bad thing for the economy (hello communism) but I'd leave that for some other day.
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