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  1. On the site with all the document, click on Begin immediately along with complete for the editor.
  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form G-325A

Instructions and Help about Form G-325A

Hi everybody this is John from yes Simone don't welcome back and thanks for watching if it's your first time on my channel welcome on before I start to this video I want to thank all my new subscribers thank you so much and also thank you for your comment to this video is about how to fill up on form on G 325 a on from G 325 a is a biography information from you fill out when you petition for your spouse so today I want to show exactly how to fill up the phone if you're ready I'm ready let's go in from the computer so I can show you exactly it's done in order to fill up the form G 325 a first thing you're gonna do is to go to the website USCIS that UV so once you on the website click on forms and then from the list of foam choose from G 325 a which is biographic information phone click on that and then once you click on there you will see a page like this on this page click on the PDF file from G 325 P so this is the form you're gonna fill out so how to fill out this form 3 I made G 325 a here you as you can see is for family name which is or last name you type your last name you the person who is a petition for other person who you don't wanna or feed off on this information because you're gonna fill up two forms if you bring in your wife if you turn a petition for your wife or your Hotmail you're gonna fill up two forms there's two of the same forms so let's say you to fill up your your part you do not tap in your last name your first name your middle name if you a mail they just mailed you female you choose female your date of birth your citizenship nationality which is with your American who's American if you are French you poor French if you're Canadian you Canadian over here or phone number is on Ilia number basically so you tap in your alien number here over here you put information about your your dad and your mom so you put your your dad first name last name the first name date of birth on city and country of birth and city of country of residence you do the same thing for your mom also her last name her first name I did at birth or city city of birth and then city of our country of residence we scored a little B over here you tap in this is what happened information about your current husband or current wife to the top or he or his or her last name first name date of birth or city of birth date of marriage and place of marriage this over here next step.


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