Form G-325A

Who Needs to File Form G-325A?


The Form G-325A is necessary for individuals who plan to move to the United States.

This document has to contain biographic information about the green card applicant. Individuals under the age of 14 or over 79 are exempted from the form filing.

Moreover, the current paper may be completed and submitted by immigrants trying to get the permanent residency through marriage.

The US government requires individuals to file the form G-325A to receive and clarify complete information about each applicant. If any particular detail evokes suspicion, the authorities will closer examine the case and then decide whether the person deserves to be a permanent US resident.

What Details are Important for Form G-325A?

Prepare the sample electronically with the help of fillable G-325A form online. Find the appropriate blank, insert the required data and add your signature electronically. Files in the PDF format are easy to view and send. Forward the document via email, fax or sms to the recipient.

In case, you use electronic means for the first time, read carefully all the field labels.

Pay attention to the guideline below to clarify the paper structure:

  1. The file consists of two pages. First questions are dedicated to the applicant’s name, citizenship, nationality, date and place of birth and so on.
  2. Blank fields are grouped by categories. There are sections pertaining to former spouses, employment, residence and so on.
  3. While providing the data it is critically meaningful being honest and specify only truthful details.
  4. After the sample is completed, check each sentence and correct errors if found any. Incomplete applications may not be completed.
  5. Add your signature by typing, drawing or uploading it from any internet connected device you use.

Create a legible document using online templates. Eliminate all old paperwork hassles by creating G-325A electronically. Streamline the processing of your template. Go to the website, try and see for yourself!