Form G-325A

Form G-325A Instructions for Newcomers


Form G-325A is a Biographic Information, which is used by United States newcomers, mostly green card applicants. The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requires providing bio in order to make decision on each specific case. Every visa petition and every request for adjustment of status needs a comprehensive examination of an applicant's background. It means, USCIS checks the past employment, family ties and residences of the petitioner. That’s why it is very important to provide only true, consistent and accurate details. Otherwise, your application may be denied or even long-term immigration issues may appear.

How to Сomplete a G-325A?

Usually, a G-325A blank in PDF contains fillable fields, which should be filled out with the data below:

  1. Petitioner’s first, middle and last names: Write down middle name entirely and don’t use the initials. Also, in this section add the following:
  • Sex: male or female.
  • Date of birth: only in Month-Day-Year format.
  • Nationality: name the country of your citizenship.
  1. List all other names used, etc.
  2. Father/Mother names.
  3. Husband/wife information.
  4. Former husbands/wives information (if any).
  5. Your residence for last five years: determine your present address first, and then list all previous addresses in reverse chronological order.
  6. Your last address outside the US of more than one year.
  7. Applicant’s employment for the last five years: name your present hirer first, and then list all previous managers. In case, you were unemployed, self-employed, or homemaker (housewife or house-husband), mention that. Don’t leave anything blank. Fill out this line even if you worked in the US illegally.
  8. Add your last job abroad if not listed above.

Indicate if this document is submitted in connection with application request: N-400 - Citizenship: check “Status as Permanent”.

Note, that it is necessary to sign the document. The fillable version of this sample now includes a notification “Don’t forget to sign” and an arrow pointing to the blank field for your signature. It should better remind you to sign the document if you want to print it for mailing. An unsigned form will be rejected by USCIS. The Form G-325A will then returned to you for signing, that may delay processing of your data.