Form G-325A

G 325A Sample - Guide to Find Online and Fill out Form in PDF


Each person who is going to enter the territory of the U.S. whether for traveling or residence has to prepare a package of different documents. One of the most important one is a visa. However, if you want to become a permanent resident of the United States, you have to submit a document that will show your biographical details. In this situation you should refer to a PDF form G-325A. We have created for you a short guide for filling out and submitting a blank correctly to get a positive result.

When a Form G-325A is Required?

The G-325A sample must be submitted by each foreign individual who want to get the U.S. permanent residence. It has to show the person’s background information and it is usually filed with the U.S. government. In case, it evokes any suspicion about the immigrant, the authorities will give the case a closer inspection. After considering the information provided, it will make a decision if an alien individual is eligible to be a permanent U.S. resident.

One more reason to prepare a blank is a purpose to receive permanent residency through marriage.

Before you start creating a paper, define whether you are eligible for this procedure. According to the law the following individuals don`t have to file it:

  • people under 14;
  • and over 79 years old.

Where to Find a PDF G-325A Form Sample?

Today on the internet there are lots of fillable forms in PDF and the G-325A blank is not an exclusion. Preparing a digital form you have an ability to accomplish the process much more quickly saving you time and effort. Type all the required details and then save the changes in a few clicks. Moreover, a completed version can be submitted straight from the source by email or fax. One more key point of the online template is that you can create it from any device even when on the go.

What to Include in a Biographic Information Sheet?

The G-325A template is a one-page document that includes the question related to your biography. The following details must be furnished:

  • applicant`s personal data;
  • residence for last 5 years;
  • last address outside the U.S. of more than 1 year;
  • employment for last 5 years;
  • purpose of submitting an application;
  • date and signature.