Form G-325A

Form G325A (Biographic Information Sheet) - Create, Print or Download


If you are going to visit the United States, be ready to go through a time-consuming process of preparing a number of documents. One less popular but still important is a form G-325A. It has to be created by each immigrant in addition to his/her petition or application. The blank refers to Biographic Information and is generally used by green card applicants. In this article you will find the answers to the typical questions related to completing and filing of this template.

Who Needs to File Form G-325A?

The main purpose of the sample is to provide the U.S. government with the person’s background information. If it evokes suspicion about the immigrant, the authorities will give the case a closer inspection and then decide whether he/she is eligible to be a permanent U.S. resident.

More frequently a g-325a template is used by the foreigners who are going to receive permanent residency through marriage. However, there are some limitations for preparing the sheet. It means that people under 14 or over 79 years old don`t have to submit it.

How to Fill out a Sheet Online?

The G-325A blank is a one-page document that includes a number of fillable fields. To save your time and effort we offer you to try a printable sample in PDF that can be filled out online in a matter of minutes. All you need is to insert the required details into empty lines. Look through the steps needed to prepare a digital example:

  • open a sample by clicking the “Start now” button;
  • select the “Text” icon to start typing;
  • once you finish, choose the “Done” button to save changes in a file;
  • download it to your computer or a smartphone or print it out in seconds;
  • if necessary, make some edits using a built-in PDF editor.

What Information is Required?

We have compiled the list of biographic aspects an immigrant has to specify on a paper:

  • applicant`s personal details;
  • residence for last 5 years;
  • last address outside the U.S. of more than 1 year;
  • employment for last 5 years;
  • purpose of submitting an application;
  • date and signature.