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G-325a | biographic information (for deferred action) - uscis

Use this form to provide biographic information when submitting a request for deferred action to USCIS. Forms and Document Downloads. EB-4/1/IMF — Immigrant Petition for Alien in Need of Immigration Relief (BRI/INM) — Use this form to submit your BRI request or Immigrant Petition for Alien in Need of Immigration Relief (BRI/INM) when USCIS has notified you to do otherwise. Forms and Document Downloads. Use this form to submit your BRI request or Immigrant Petition for Alien in Need of Immigration Relief (BRI/INM) when USCIS has notified you to do otherwise. Forms and Document Downloads. EB-5/1/IMF — Immigrant Petition for Alien in Need of Immigration Relief (BRI/INM) — Use this form if you plan to file an affidavit of support on USCIS Form I-485, Declaration of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Visas and Adjustment of Status (Form I-130), the I-485 Petition for Asylum or Other Deferred Action to Remain in the.

form g-325a - uscis

Apply to sponsor another dependent. You can sponsor any family member of a citizen or permanent resident who is living in Canada or Mexico only. If your family member lives in another country, you must submit proof of their right to live in Canada, plus identification documentation (for example, a driver's license, passport or other appropriate document). If you want to sponsor your family member's spouse, parent, adult child or unmarried adopted child, there is no limit to the number of dependent children you may sponsor. If you have already become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may sponsor a younger sibling, an adopted child or a child with special needs. If you have not become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and you wish to do so, you must apply in a year following the year the dependent has completed full-time study, completed military training or served.

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USCIS requires that employers collect this biographical information from their workers before they hire them. February 3, 2018 The government has not provided clear guidance on how it will implement new visa limits and rules for non-immigrant visa recipients from Venezuela. July 26, 2017 Form I-797 is a new visa program for certain visitors from certain countries who will be coming to the United States for less than 90 days. This program, administered by the Department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs, will be expanded to include other visa programs, such as the Optional Practical Training program. January 14, 2017 When filling out the Form I-797 Visa Waiver Program Application or Supplemental Visa Application, both USCIS officials and employers may need to know about the employment restrictions and conditions for such individuals. This form is required by employers who want to hire nonimmigrant workers from Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya,.

Do i need to submit form g-325a with the i-130 petition?

Form This form requires the applicant to provide information about his (or her) immigration status and whether he (or she) meets or foreign medical residency requirements to practice medicine, as well as a current and complete tax return and the completed Form 2555 for the foreign health insurance premium tax credit (TIPPED). Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). For information on Form G-325A, see the Instructions for Form G-325A and the section entitled “How to Submit Questions for an Examination,” under Application Review, later in this article. Fees for USCIS and your State Insurance Department. (1) For the applicant: (a) USCIS provides the applicant an application fee waiver on Form R (Form R-1). You might want to obtain a copy of the Form R-1 and either hold the Form R-1 yourself or ask for a duplicate from the USCIS office.   (b) The Federal Tax Department (FTC) and State Insurance departments do not.

g-325, biographic information

G. The application to become a citizen). If you are applying to immigrate to the for the first time, you must include all necessary documents with the application. The list below is a sample list of documents you may need to submit as a first-time immigration applicant that may be submitted at the time of your application. The following documents must be included with the application or petition you are submitting to Citizenship and Immigration Services/CIS/CIS-US at least 6 weeks prior to your expected date of arrival in the United States. For applications sent postmarked on or before October 1, 2014, the deadline is May 15, 2016. You can obtain a copy of these requirements by submitting the Application for Petitioning Immigrant Status at a US port of entry (or postmarked within the US 48 contiguous states) or by using a Mail-Forwarding, Priority or Priority Express mail service: USPAP (USA Passport Application Processing.